I’m in the middle of working out the mechanics of how the user relates to the text appearing in the environment, so I’ve constructed a prototype version of Sandymount Strand based on the text and archival materials. Here’s a snap of how it’s looking.



2 thoughts on “Screenshot

    1. It will begin at the beginning, but we’re only making a section. The user will be fixed on a path but will control forwards and backwards and the direction of Stephen’s head. I don’t think we’ll get to the masturbation in this iteration. Other people, dogs, dog corpses are all in the if-we-have-time pile for the moment. I have an ideas for how to express certain aspects, but I need to try them out. The rusty boot is done 🙂

      Keep in mind, that this is an adaptation, not an attempt to completely recontextualise the entire book. Think of it like a fun theatrical reading on Bloomsday. It’s a bit of fun that hopefully will serve as a new way in to Proteus.


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