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We’ve just about finished…




Proteus is about change, and the “nearing tide” represents change – as the water reaches and draws it changes all beneath it, and this is what is happening to Stephen during the chapter – except the change is happening in his mind as his thought wanders and he comes to series of epiphanies about his life. So, the water is important to me, so I spent a bit of time getting it looking right. Here’s a video, note the sand beneath the water is sampled from photographs of Sandymount Strand, so it’s actually approachingĀ a pretty good likeness of the tide of the beach itself.

waterblog from Eoghan Kidney on Vimeo.


In other news, myself and Barry have taken the next 12 days off our day jobs to finish Proteus in time for Bloomsday. We’ll be previewing it from 2pm in the James Joyce Centre in North Great Georges St. in Dublin.




Some WIP Images by Barry


(Above: Stephen’s/Buck Mulligan’s boots)

“They came down the steps from Leahy’s terrace prudently,
Frauenzimmer: and down the shelving shore flabbily, their splayed feet
sinking in the silted sand. Like me, like Algy, coming down to our mighty
mother. Number one swung lourdily her midwife’s bag, the other’s gamp
poked in the beach.”




Progress Report

So last weekend was the long Easter weekend and myself and my In Ulysses co-founder Barry Murphy travelled out to an island called Inishturk the West of Ireland with an Oculus Rift and a couple of high powered laptops to get some serious work done on In Ulysses. We hit one of our milestones: for the user of In Ulysses to look down and see not their own body, but the body ofStephen Dedalus. Note that the body is white because we are still working on the texture maps.



I’m in the middle of working out the mechanics of how the user relates to the text appearing in the environment, so I’ve constructed a prototype version of Sandymount Strand based on the text and archival materials. Here’s a snap of how it’s looking.